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Our Top 5 Picks For Things to Do in Zhuhai

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is one of the largest Ocean theme parks in the world. The park is divided into eight theme areas, including various exhibition halls of rare marine animals, dynamic amusement facilities, and three big theaters. You can also enjoy global cuisine and top shopping fun.
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New Yuanming Palace 

New Yuanming Palace takes Beijing Old Summer Palace as the original manuscript, and is built according to 1:1 ratio with 18 scenes out of the 40 scenes in Old Summer Palace. It integrates the classical royal, Jiangnan classical garden and western architectural complex, and shows the prosperity of the Qing dynasty.

Meixi Royal Stone Archways

Meixi Royal Stone Archways is located in Meixi village, shangchong, Zhuhai, it was built by emperor Guangxu of Qing dynasty to commend the first Hawaiian consul Chenfang and his parents for the benefit of his hometown. Tourists can visit the former homes of celebrities, appreciate historical buildings and folk performances such as Sichuan opera face-changing.

Sumlodol Hengqing Camping Park

Sumlodol Hengqing Camping Park is located in Hengqin new district, Zhuhai city, it is the first national standard implementation camp for leisure camping in Guangdong province, and creates the first “self-driving + camping + paradise” new type holiday experience.
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Gongbei Port

Gongbei Port is located in the southeast of Zhuhai city, adjacent to Macao and connected with Macao by land. It is also the most prosperous urban area of Zhuhai city.